Sell My Probate or Inherited House in Miami FL or any County in Florida Quickly!

Sell Your Inherited House in Miami FL that is in Probate or any County in Florida Quickly!

Have you recently inherited a house that is in probate and are confused about your options as to what to do with the inheritance? You probably got to this page by typing  “ Selling My Probate House ” and selling your house that is in Probate may be the best option for you.
Sell My House Fast Miami buys Houses and can help you out by buying your house in Florida. For a list of the counties we buy in please refer to the bottom of this page.
The Probate process can be costly in terms of time and money but it may be a necessary step before assets can be transferred to beneficiaries.  Here are some details of the process.  Should you choose to sell your home, we could walk you through the process of selling your house that is in Probate, but here are some details to get you started with the sale of your property.

What to do if your Inherited House in Miami FL is in Probate?

Most people think that inheriting property is an easy process, providing the beneficiary a lottery-like reward with little to no downside. The truth is, being named as a beneficiary is not that simple and while the reward is obvious, there are also many challenges that a beneficiary of inherited real estate faces. Unless you’re the surviving spouse of inherited property, in which case, the legal transfer of the property should occur relatively quickly and without tax penalties, receiving an inheritance in almost any other circumstance can be a long and complicated process, that can take the executor of the estate and the court many months, or more, to divide the deceased person’s assets, including the home. Often times, this is a very aggravating, time-consuming and stressful process for beneficiaries, who are not only dealing with the loss of a loved one but also may be struggling financially and need the money to stay afloat.

With all of this stress, it’s no wonder that you might be thinking….

Sell my probate or inherited House in Miami quickly.

What Is Probate – Definition, Process & How to Avoid It

Probate is a legal process for settling an estate according to the will of the deceased. The deceased’s taxable estate is made up of all of the assets in which he or she holds an interest at the time of death, but only assets held individually in his or her name will generally have to go through probate.

The probate process varies by state—many states offer a quicker, less expensive option if the assets subject to probate are below a certain value (for example, $25,000 or $50,000).

Probate is also public record, so it decreases the level of privacy of the estate.

Some assets, such as investment accounts with transfer on death (TOD) designations and retirement accounts, allow for the naming of beneficiaries and, therefore, may transfer to beneficiaries without going through the probate process.

There may not be much you can do to avoid going through probate once a loved one has passed away, but it helps to understand the process as you work with an attorney or tax advisor.

If you are wanting to sell a recently inherited property or a property that is already in probate, Sell My House Fast Miami can give you a fair offer to purchase the house within days and close quickly on the inherited property within a week after completion of the probate process.  We can also help along the process as we have bought many properties from Estate’s and Probate cases in the past.

If you want to Be Stress-Free & Make A Profit On Your Inheritance.

Let  Sell My House Fast Miami handle it for you.

Benefits of selling your probate property to Sell My House Fast Miami:
  • You don’t have to ever see the house, we can do this transaction from states away!
  • You will not be required to make ANY repairs or updates prior to the sell of your probate property.
  • You’ll get cash quickly
  • You’ll get a Quick closing
  • No real estate broker or agent fees – Because we buy your house, not list it.
  • You are relieved of all property taxes, liens, and maintenance costs.

To learn more about the probate process & how to avoid it, visit  Check it out, it has a ton of useful information and you will get a good understanding of the following:

Problems of Probate:

  1. Time
  2. Cost
  3. Lack Of Privacy
  4. Family Squabbles
  5. Pets

Ways To Avoid Probate:

  1.  Assets That By-pass Probate
  2. Smaller Estates
  3. Joint Ownership
  4. Trusts
  5. When To Call Lawyers

Other links from that may be useful to you:

Give Sell My House Fast Miami a call to discuss the options for the sale of your probate property.


Probate costs can include:

  • Court fees
  • Appraisal and valuation fees
  • Account fees
  • Fees paid by the executor
  • Your attorney’s fees to represent you in the process

Why Do People Want to Avoid Probate?

There are many reasons why people want to avoid probate. Here are several:

  • Cost – depending on the state, probate can be quite expensive. However, even if you live in a state where the costs are more reasonable there are still attorney fees and other costs that will be necessary regardless of the size and complexity of the estate. While some costs will exist regardless of whether or not there is a probate, there are many costs that can be avoided.
  • Privacy – probate proceedings are public proceeding, meaning your wishes will become part of the public record available to all who wish to see.
  • Property in multiple states – if you own property in multiple states some form of a proceeding will be necessary in each state. This will add to the cost of the probate.
  • Time – probate takes time. For some period of time those administering and benefiting from your estate will be limited in their ability to access and control property. This may mean that the sale of a property is lost or business decisions can’t be made.
You might be asking yourself the following common questions…
What To Do? – Should I rent or sell it?
If I Sell the House, Should I make updates/Repairs? Sell it As-Is?
Do I sell the House as…
  • For sale by Owner?
  • Using a Realtor?
  • Investor?

The options the beneficiaries therefore have is to either sell their home with an estate agent or look to sell the property fast, through a regulated property buying company like Sell My House Fast Miami. It has become increasingly popular for beneficiaries once probate is received to sell their inherited house fast through a property buying company like Sell My House Fast Miami

The thought process can be seen below:
1) A quick house sale for your inherited property can be achieved in as little as 7 days.
2) All seller fees to sell an inherited property are paid for, so real estate fees, surveys, appraisals, inspections etc… for your inherited home are covered.
3) Stress free. You don’t need to be paying any mortgage costs, you don’t need to worry about your property not selling through an estate agent, or being stuck in a chain.

4) Sell My House Fast Miami will pay all sales costs and you will not have to come out of pocket one penny!

How to Sell an Inherited Property – Real Estate Agents or Property Buying Company (Sell My House Fast Miami)?

Real Estate Agents:
1) Usually achieve a slightly higher price than a property buying company like us.
2) A sale is not guaranteed.
3) Many times Real Estate Agents over inflate property prices to get listings meaning properties aren’t priced correctly many times and don’t sell.
4) Real Estate agents tie homeowners into long contracts (often up to 6 months) which prevents you from selling your property to anyone else without incurring fees. If you use an agent insist on not signing this agreement if you need to sell quickly. That way they get paid if you get paid and if they can’t sell it you can sell it privately or enlist a more competent agent.
5) Real Estate Agents charge fees, often as much as 6% of the sale price

Selling your Inherited property to Sell My House Fast Miami:
1) A sale can be completed in days, not months.
2) No lenders or Real Estate fees just a straight forward cash house sale.
3) All seller fees involved in selling inherited properties are paid for on behalf of the beneficiaries. Therefore legal fees, surveys, valuations etc are paid for and there are no expensive estate agency fees to pay.
4) No tie in lengthy contracts like Estate Agents.

Give Sell My House Fast Miami a call today!


We are here to answer all your questions.
No matter what situation you are in, we have a solution for you and we pay ALL CASH and CLOSE QUICKLY.

Counties We Buy in:

Dade County, Broward County, Palm Beach County 

and ANY other Major Florida county!

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